Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Together Again!!

Oh Chico how I missed you!!!

A sad day in the history of Air Ella flight 282

I have to admit defeat. Air Ella has been taken over by PugJet. The culmination in a very strong attempt in the first take off has resulted in a crash deep in the jungle grass in the South Pacific (and by jungle I really mean prairie, and by South Pacific I really mean South Winnipeg Dog just sounds way more exotic and fancy the other way). I still have a smile on my face though, because lo and behold, the pilot of the ever so nasty rival PugJet happened to be my long lost boyfriend Chico!!!

Disaster Strikes

Oh no!!!!!! PugJet is on my tail!!!!! this doesn't look good. This doesn't look good!!!

Entering Mach 5 Speed Zone

This aircraft travel thing is getting pretty intense! I now am traveling faster than PugJet planes (my greatest competition).....Who's boss now!?!?!

Air Ella flight 282 back on course

The aircraft has straightened itself with the runway and is gaining speed...deploy wings!!! deploy wings!!!!

Air Ella flight 282

Air Ella prepares for the first flight ever!!.....It was off to a rocky start down the run way...the air craft veered to the left and one wing (ear) flipped back....I hope I make it!!

Can we go for ice cream on the way home? PLEASE?!?!?

I know that I can rip her heart apart and get anything I want. Just look at me! This time I wanted ice cream. So, I got ice cream!.........well... a frosty paws.....thats good enough.. but it was from the home freezer, not the ice cream parlour....not as fancy.. but it did the trick!

Perfect Me

no story needs to go here. My beauty tells all.

Hurry Up Mom!!!

what a slow poke she is!!!!

Dog Park

One of my favorite places in the world (besides being in front of my filled food dish, underneath where the messy eating cats eat, at my mom's parents house in front of the "bacon treat
pantry" or beneath the feet of my people when they are eating) is the dog park. Here are some pics of a recent adventure. Here is me standing proud!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

hard at work

This is like one of those rub your belly and pat your head type things.........I cannot hold up my perfect curl all the time....especially when frosty paws are involved...then nothing else matters....

Frosty Paws

need I say more?!?........this will cause a breakout on my face for sure...but totally worth next deep cleanse facial should take care of it all...

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Photo Shoot #2

If you recall (and as devoted fans of me, I'm sure you would) I have had some photo shoots in the past (the shoot known as "Portraits " the park).....well....this one is known as "flat sheet of unmade bed messed up with daddy holding a living room lamp from above to cast a halo of light on my beautiful face as I gracefully pose for the camera" (okay.. that was a bit drawn out... I admit)......I think the shots actually turned out great given the situation! are some to marvel at!

Baby Socks? What were they thinking!

apparently I have been a wimp when it comes to walking on the cold cold winter snow. I have perfectly "paw-dicured" feet.....what do they expect. They spend time rubbing them with moisturizing balm, and shaping my nails... and they bring me to the icy cold to ruin it? I don't think so!!.......they had had enough of the "three legged pug hop" and decided to come up with a brainy solution. Baby socks. Of course they did not stay on, I am not a baby. Doggie shoes were tried, but they looked hideous, so I was sure that I did not keep them on. After a little while of woo-ing their hearts of sorrow with my limp, they had one last idea. Elastics and baby socks. Really? they think they were going to put these on EVERY time I need to go outside??.....they did!!!!'s okay I want to assure you.....I have to pee every 2 minutes when I want to!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

i turned one year old!!!!

About a month ago.... it was my birthday!!!! was a very very special day....we went for a car ride to go birthday shopping, and I got birthday cake!.........normally i'd be jumping up and down for a car ride and cake... but this day I was not. Why? you ask......They have figured out a way to "calm" my jumping in the car..... its called a's really a harness that clips in to the seatbelt that my people have so cleverly named the car-ness (can you detect the hint of sarcasm in my voice) great birthday present eh?.....anyways... i cannot move....i can just sit........BUT they always think that they win.... but i always have a voice.... how are the gonna make me be quiet??.. thats right... they i will speak...LOTS........i've perfected the annoying cat meow... that one really ticks 'em off....teeheehee.....i also gurgle snot in my nose......i blow bubbles with it.....Mom sometimes feels bad and leans back and pats me while she drives (see.....she caved....I win!).......

I do have to give Mom a bit of credit though........she did bake me a cake......complete with peanut butter icing.....i'm not entirely sure why she lit it on fire though.........that part didnt make sense....neither did the vocal clashing of harmony that occurred as I was made to WAIT for MY birthday cake.....but look how good I was........I'm a big girl.....more sophisticated.......with more experience under the stupid seat belt of mine... to win win win!!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

While I was sleeping

You always hear about stuff that happens to other people while they were sleeping, and you never figure that one day the subject would be you. But, was. Mom got me. She claims that she just wants me to be festive....and really... I am....I don't mind the Christmas sweater they bought me, and am kind of excited for my jingle bell collar......but this I think may have crossed the line. Holiday red nails. Come on.

The cats started it!!!!!!

Against my has decided to post these pictures to show what a BAD doggie I am. I'm kind of upset.. not necessarily because of that... but because the cats made me do it...they were the ones that knockedit down.... they were the ones that urged me to eat it... they were the ones that told me that I would never be loved if i didn't do what they told me.....I wanted to fit in.. I really did... so I caved to the peer pressure. We are not talking right now.....WEAK!!.....Mom was VERY VERY angry when she got home let me tell you....and conveniently...the cats were nowhere to be found. Jerks.

Where's Dad?

An excerpt taken from "How to be a Wolf: The domestic dog's guide to the true meaning of being Dog" --"The wolf sits quietly waiting....he has heard something is coming......his eyes are piercing awaiting the mysterious arrival.....ears perked up....tail straight.....and whiskers sense the air around....the keen sense of smell knows something exciting is about to happen....."--

Then there is me.....the mysterious arrival is Daddy who has left the car briefly....and somehow this is the best I could pull off.... I studied this caption over and over and over.....and still... my eyes bulge out....not the least bit ears just disappear......there is NO hope on the straight tail.....and all I can smell is the food that Dad had just brought back. This is why they love me there's actually and excuse!

Halloween. Ghosts... goblins...witches...devils.......scary things...and what do I get?? Bok bok bok bok bok.... a CHICKEN !?!?!?!....what is the deal!...apparently I am already a devil so I couldn't go as that.....and roosters wake people up in the morning (and I wake people up in the morning) so they chose the chicken. We walked into daycare that day.. and there was paparazzi everywhere.. following me... snapping my photo......on the ONE day that I have to look like an idiot.....I can only imagine what the tabloids will say......Ella: Trans-animal. Does she really know who she is?

and it wasn't even halloween yet

So we were at the pug store the other day (I'm told its a PET store... but I've never seen other PETS go into it except me... so it's a pug store)....and my mom found this hat that she could not resist buying. So one day when mommy was gone Dad and Uncle Paul did THIS to me.....i was not terribly impressed... but you cannot tell.. since they covered my eyes up...probably with intent. I was very happy that for once my mom had nothing to do with this kinda stuff....but she was happily amused with the picture when she came home. Nuts I thought they had passed this stage.

I made a postcard!!!

I made a postcard!!!.....well.....SOMEONE has not gotten around to sending this photo into a company that will print millions and millions of postcards for people to buy and enjoy my pretty face.....but it will get done. I will make sure.

What is better than being a pug?

nothing.. thats right.. absolutely nothing....look.. this is the life... I spend all day at the park.. playing with other dogs.......then I can sunbathe in the car, while daddy goes and gets slurpees for everyone (except me....pffffft.) but its okay.......ever see a human just sleepin in the car?!....well....I guess it happens.....but it's strange......worse when they don't even own the car... and if they do...usually I laugh..go home.. your bed is there.....MY bed is EVERYWHERE! thats why I just love to be me....really. I do.

soon thereafter...

it's me it's me it's me!!! look at me!!! i'm a happy pug!!! i'm not tired... i'm not sad....i'm not sleeping.......i'm jumping and running and barking and chasing cats... you can't stop me!!!!! what does the doctor know!!!

they lasered my nose to make me breathe better too... so its funny and pink....mommy and daddy were not exactly for the plastic surgery....but hey... I did it for me...not for mom... not for dad....just for me....if it makes me feel better then I should have that right....shouldn't I??

The big cut

So.....we got to go for a glorious car ride on an early august Steinbach. No one told me......but it was for my spay. I think that I was one tough cookie, my mom and dad were even allowed to take me home extra early, because they drove out from the city. Mom and Dad thought that they had it easy because my doctor told them that I would probably sleep for a few days, and not feel like doing much. BUT....little did they know!!!!!

someone is lazy and its not me!!!

Hi's me... Ella... remember??.. has not given me the opportunity for quite awhile to update everyone on my life....until today......she is lazy. Anyways...lots has gone on since my first swim......heck its winter now!!! here it goes!

Friday, July 21, 2006

and they say pugs cant swim.....pfffffffft

So everyone kept telling my people that pugs cant swim.. we are so muscular that we just sink like rocks....... that they went out and bought me this stupid life jacket......way to make me feel like a mummified child with 6 scarves wrapped around his neck... to go build a snowman outside for 20 minutes.....(well.. this has never happened with me but you get the picture ) compliant as I always am.... i let them put it just despite them... I decided i was not going to swim at all in it... serves them right for spending their money on something so ridiculous.....note the back legs.......thats right... they are doing NOTHING.....i also proceeded to let my head down... so the water was just at nose level.. this is another version of the "freak out the parents" game

So..... after this horrible event of embarrassment (there were two dogs swimming all on their own a few docks down.... i was like the kid on his bike for the first time with a helmut, wrist pads, knee pads, elbow pads, bum pad, saftey know) I decided to show off... and swim ALL ON MY OWN

I'm tired of my fancy meals of elk, bison, lamb and duck.... i'd rather eat..... SAND!!!!!!!

So I know that my people spend lots of money on fancy schmancy food for me.. and that I should be appreciative.....and I am.. usually......but sometimes it just doesnt cut it.....fruit and veggie patties are NOT what I call ruffage.....and whats with the little mini toothbrush with beef paste...... i need something alot more gritty to clean my teeth... something goes down kinda like a liquid.....and the grit... OH the grit.....I like to take BIG mouthfuls.. the drier the better... and then shake it around my mouth.....then of course... as if this wasnt too much fun...i do what i like to call...."freak out the parents" kinda involves a hacking, sneezing, coughing i'm choking maybe......i spray sand everywhere.. then look at them with my poor sad eyes until they feel so bad that i covered my pretty little face and mouth in sand... that they CLEAN IT FOR ME!!!!! what could be better.....mmm.... i know.. MORE SAND!!!!!!!


Looking through my portfolio.....I realize that I've missed some of my best shots on this blog. So I've decided to display them in this post. It was a wonderful day these frames were shot, and I was of course most co-operative (my people tell me that we were lucky we got any pics that turned out well......but as always.. I know they are wrong.... because I am a perfect little model for their "nature shoot")

Friday, July 07, 2006

ice cream is not just for humans!

After so many tempting ice cream trips, where only humans get ice cream, and I'm dragged along to make people think that I enjoy their got a doggie sundae. I have never even heard of these before, but they are made specially for me... (and i suppose other dogs as well) with a dog cookie on top!.... I know that ice cream isnt the greatest for me.. .but I didnt was so good. You can see what was left from the treat on my face...however I tell my people that I did it as another impersonation of a mean doggie....It's kinda the same look that I give if I am getting a talking to when I was bad. Squinty eyes, I try to look away, and theres always something on my face or sticking out of my mouth (usually cat hair tufts, or a tiny bit of my cute little pink tongue) to make my mommy think I am too cute to be told not to bite, or tackle the cats, or play "catch me if you can... and you wont" with underwear, cutlery, socks, books, contact cases, cat food, etc in my mouth. I usually finish it off with a sneeze when my mommy is about a centimeter away from my face... she loves it....I held back this time, because I didnt want them to never feed me ice cream again because I was acting up. I'll save the acting up for at home... what are they gonna do then?......nothing!... I win again! (and they say to never let the dog win.... HA!)